Getting Ready to Sell

Selling a house is a long and complex process. Don't wait until the last minute to put your house on the market. Instead, start the research and preparation process well in advance.

Visit Other Houses

Buyers will be looking at all the houses for sale in your neighborhood. Visit any open houses being held in your area so you can get an idea of the competition. When comparing houses, focus on the total square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and quality of construction.

Research Sales Prices

Research the actual prices at which other houses in your neighborhood have sold. Ignore asking prices, which can be unrealistic, and focus on sales prices.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Although some owners try to sell their own houses, most prefer to work with a real estate agent who can show the house, list the house on websites reaching the widest possible audiences, and help with paperwork and negotiations.

Declutter Your House

Clutter makes even the most spacious house look cramped and messy. Remove extra side tables, put away ornaments or collections, clean off counters, and partially empty closets. If you can't bear to throw things out, rent a storage unit.

Stage and Photograph Your Home

Repair or replace anything that is worn or broken, including repainting or landscaping if needed. Clean your home so everything sparkles, and have a professional take photographs to post online.

Put House On Market

Have your agent put your house on the market, listing it on all major websites. Keep your house immaculately clean and ready to show at buyers' convenience.


When offers come in, be prepared to negotiate. The more flexible you are, and more willing to work with buyers, the faster your house will sell.

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